“Pug:sible” – “Mission: Infected” Free Arcade Game

Free Arcade Game – Astrobiologists becomes aware of various doomsday space viruses that are on a collision course with Earth. Help


Killer viruses from outer space might be more common than we think. Could an alien virus arrive from outer space and wipe out the human race? You probably think about viruses only when you’re sick, but viruses are spread across interplanetary space.

NASA astrobiologists found out now, the space viruses left over from the early formation of our solar system about 4.6 billion years ago. Most of the ancient space viruses can be found orbiting inside meteoroids between Mars and Jupiter within the main asteroid belt.

Astrobiologist believe on entering the earth’s atmosphere the meteoroid will be exploding and the deadly viruses could become airborne and will contaminate our planet.

NASA astrobiologists becomes now aware of various doomsday space viruses that are on a collision course with Earth. NASA boss Michael Crichton activates his best expert spy agent “Pug:sible” to destroy the deadly alien virus, that threatens to wipe out life on Earth.

Time is running out, start now the “Pug:sibles – Mission:Infected”. “Pug:sible” – the casual game with a simple gameplay, minimal time and effort, concentration and a lot of fun in between. Simple and addictive gameplay! Join the wildest adventure of your life.

Try to save the earth in short bursts, during work breaks or on public transportation.

The ultimate goal of the game is to destroy alien viruses before the world becomes infected. Follow us on social networks to get the latest updates and win special prizes!

No ads to interrupt you while playing “Pug:sible” is controlled with one finger via touch screen & it´s not easy to play!!!

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