What Can You Spot in the Garden?

“Kitty’s Garden Safari” is an interactive children’s app developed by experienced TV Science journalist and author Volker Ide. The app is specially designed for children aged 3 to 6 and offers a variety of learning and discovery opportunities.
The app offers children the opportunity to discover the world of animals and plants in the garden. They can explore the different animals and plants in a virtual environment and learn how they live and what their needs are. Through the interactive and intuitive user interface, children can independently explore the app and learn more about nature in a playful way
An educational treasure hunt for outdoors and indoors.

“Kitty’s Garten Safari” is available for both iOS and Android devices and offers support in both English and German. It also has a high rating from parents and teachers, who recommend it as a fun and educational learning tool for kids.

Overall, the “Kitty’s Garten Safari” app is a valuable addition for kids who want to learn more about nature. It offers a fun and interactive learning method that encourages kids to explore their environment and learn more about the animals and plants in their own backyard.

Where does the blackbird hide?
What lives in the garden shed?
What animals live in the compost?
What does the hedgehog like to eat?
How do bees, bumblebees and wasps live?
And what is hidden under the molehill?
Many exciting places, animals and plants that can be discovered with the click of a finger.
An owl appears at every place that can be discovered.
Click on it once with your finger.
Either have the text being read to you while clicking on the loudspeaker.
Or you can read the text yourself.
Click on the book and the text appears.
Click on the book again and the text disappears.
Click on GER and select the language German.
Click on EN for the English language.
Click on the button X to clear the screen.
Click on the Home button to get back to the main game.
You can move Kitty to the right or left with your finger on the screen.
Read through the game instructions briefly before you start.

You never know what you might find on a back garden safari.

Venture out to backyard!